Workshop Day 1

Monday 25 June

Venue: Melbourne Law School, room 920


10.15am onwards – Morning Tea


Session 1 (Chair: Stacey Vorster)

10.45am-11.15am Welcome and Introduction to Workshop:

Ms Laura Petersen (University of Melbourne)

11.15am-11.20am Presentation:

Dr Maria Elander (La Trobe University): ‘Visualising International Criminal Law’

11.20am-11.35am Discussion

11.40am-11.45am Presentation:

Ms Shawna Lesseur (University of Connecticut)

11.45am-12pm Discussion


12pm-1pm Lunch


Session 2 (Chair: Laura Petersen)

1pm-2pm Public Seminar:

Prof. Desmond Manderson (Australian National University):

‘Art’s Superpowers: Law and the Crimes of Justice’


***Shift location to VCA – 20 min tram ride – Swanston St tram*** 

Venue: VCA Founders Gallery – Elisabeth Murdoch Building, St Kilda Rd,

Grant St. tram stop


Session 3 (Chair: Shawna Lesseur)

3pm-5pm Film Screening:

Until They’re Gone (Dir. C. Lockett) and Q & A


Session 4 (Chair: Federica Caso)

5.30pm-7pm Art Event:

Exhibition of Works and Reception

Works by: Jon Cattapan, Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, Lyndell Brown, Paul Gough, and Charles Green


Workshop Day 2

Tuesday 26 June

Venue: Melbourne Law School, room 920


Session 5 (Chair: Federica Caso)

9.30am-10.45am Keynote Roundtable:

  • Ms Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox (Artist)
  • Prof. Paul Gough (Artist, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, College of Design and Social Context, RMIT)
  • Mr Ryan Johnston (Director, Buxton Contemporary at VCA, University of Melbourne)


10.45am-11.15am Morning Tea break


Session 6 (Chair: Stacey Vorster)

11.15-11.20 Presentation:

Ms Chelsea Hopper (Australian War Memorial)

11.20-11.35 Discussion

11.40-11.45 Presentation:

Ms Federica Caso (UQ): ‘Painting Bodies at War: Australia’s Official War Art’

11.45-12.00 Discussion

12.05-12.10 Presentation:

Ms Carey Walden (RMIT): ‘Trauma, Image and Memory and the Legacy of War: the case of Napier Waller, Unofficial Australian War Artist and my family’

12.10-12.35 Discussion


12.35-1.45pm Lunch


Session 7 (Chair: Shawna Lesseur)

1.45pm-1.50pm Presentation:

Ms Stacey Vorster (Wits/UvA)

1.55pm-2.10pm Discussion

2.15pm-2.20pm Presentation:

Prof. Anthony Zwi (UNSW): ‘Painting autoethnographically: researching and painting in difficult settings’

2.20pm-2.35pm Discussion


2.35pm-3pm Afternoon Tea break

***walk to Ian Potter Museum of Art (Swanston St – 10 min walk)***


Venue: Ian Potter Museum of Art, Swanston St, University of Melbourne


Session 8 (Chair: Laura Petersen)

3pm-3.15pm Ms Olivia Meehan (Ian Potter Museum of Art)

3.15pm-3.30pm Dr Christine Black (Griffith University / Current ‘Indigenous Scholar in Residence’ at Melbourne Law School

3.30pm-4pm Discussion and Final Thoughts on Workshop


*Details or the agenda are subject to revision.